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Durable Sublimation film media in pack of 10 sheets                  
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Desktop Sublimation Vinyl’s from BPG Japan (Pack of 10 Sheets)

  • Desktop Sublimation Vinyl’s from BPG Japan


    • 3-5 year outdoor durable
    • Self-adhesive
    • No lamination required  
    • A4 and A3 cut sheet packs
    • Full rolls also available
    • Amazing color performance
    • 10 film types available –

    Durable Sublimation film media in pack of 10 sheets  

    A4:  210 x 297mm   8.27 x 11.69inches

    A3:  297 x 420mm   11.69 x 16.53inches

    Sublimation Film

    Backlit Matte 

    Backlit Gloss 

    Backilit image side adhesive    

    White Matte

    White Gloss                                       

    Ultra wide angle Reflective 

    Metalic Chrome                                 

    Preferated Window Vision     

    Optical Clear Gloss   

    Min order 10 sheets per film type.

    Free shipping from orders 50 sheets or more.

    Dealer enquires welcome.

  • No returns or exchanges

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